Project European supplier basis – Mechanical Engineering and
Medical Device Industry
  • Set-up of an european supplier basis for new business units of the company
  • Ensure in particular quality and availability
  • Contractual agreements of flexible Supply chain models around a larger independence in relation to the quantitative requirements of the customers
  • Connection to innovative delivery partners
  • Partner must possess manufacturing know-how (precision) in the core business of the client
  • Flexibility into the supply chain concerning quantitative availability (up/down)
  • Drive through international procurement market study (Desk Research, fair visits)
  • Site Visits of machinery and audits for comparability
  • Unique piece manufacturing (Mockup) on the basis of dedicated construction designs
  • All over responsibility
  • Planing, intensive travel activity, selection, quality audits
Value add
  • Contractually embedded flexibility in the supply chain concerning availability (up/down)
  • Over rolling of contractual conditions from customer contracts especially in risksharing
  • Extension of manufacturing know-how and thus broader anchorage as a system offerer
  • Preservation of the financial power by distribution of the financial risk on partners