Project Nationalwide buiding optimization – Facility Management
  • Execution of a national location optimization of 51 renting real
    estate properties and nine own real estate with a total volume of over CHF 30 millions
  • Definition of standards and guidelines in the Facility management concerning
    work environment and usage
  • Revision of the existing leases and their adjustment
  • Allignment within company and agreement concerning usage of the location
  • Acceptance of the defined standards with the users
  • Dismantling of resistances during the realization
  • Analysis of the contract documents (D/F) and overview of the use of the buildings
  • Creation of a Roadmap under allignment of all stakeholders
  • Involvement of all stakeholder (Users, HR and Facility Management) during realization
  • All over responsibility
  • Analysis, Projectlead, Execution
Value add
  • One time savings of CHF 2.5 Mio
  • Yearly recurring savings of CHF 1.5 Mio
  • Savings by reduction of the renting and maintenance costs