Project Supplier Management – Mechanical Engineering and
  • Introduction of an electronic supplier management system to the effective and efficient control of key suppliers and outsourcing partners
  • The supplier management system is base for quality assurance and to increase services as well as a tool used for re-negotiations on a contractual level
  • Definition of KPI’s (in addition of the existing contract)
  • Acceptance and introduction with the specialist area (technology)
  • Development of the bases (Supplier portfolio, definition of KPI’s, reporting structure)
  • Selection by RFI and RFP, negotiation lead and contract design
  • Implementation of the solutions inclusive Training and anchorage of the role profiles
    within the company
  • All over responsibility
  • Conception, selection, implementation
Value add
  • Sustainable supplier optimization and cost transparency
  • Reportingstructure for all levels in the company (KPI Dashboard)
  • Successful re-negotiation and thus cost reductions of several million CHF
  • Continuous improvement process (quality, service and costs)
  • Understanding and acceptance of the role profiles